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Scratch Forest, a school green bean, needs simply to join an organization. Be that as it may, in the wake of a ruthless initiation demise on grounds, his repelled more seasoned sibling, Pete, is revitalizing against the Greek framework. Scratch disregards Pete’s dissents and surges Psi Theta Epsilon, famous for its reputed right of passage hones. As Nick starts the swearing procedure, he savors the holding and the celebrating, particularly with Sophie, a powerful sorority bother. At the point when Nick’s dear companion, Mimi, battles with her own particular sorority experience, and his clique’s reputed right of passage turns hazardously genuine, Nick starts to address everything. Be that as it may, would he say he is in too far? A cutting edge retelling of the antiquated Greek myth of Dionysus – the lord of wine, party, and rapture – HAZE is a crude, stunning look into a universe of organized brutality and into the core of a young fellow driven by a urgent requirement for acknowledgment and fraternity.

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