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Josh Brolin

Josh is a Hollywood actor. He was born on 12th February 1968 in California. He did charismatic roles in Milk and American Gangster. His father is an actor whereas mother deals in wildlife. He was very ambitious toward acting since his childhood. To improve his skills, he attended acting classes in his school. In 1988, he married Alice and after four years, separated from her. After 12 years of his divorce, he started a relationship with Diane.
He stated his profession in 1985 with the movie, The Goonies, in which played the role of Brand. He did his next silver screen, Thrashin after a year. In the same year, he appeared on small screen project, Highway to Heaven, as Josh.
In 1987, he portrayed the role of Johnny in the show, Private Eye. He did his next movie, The Road Killers, in 1994, in which he appeared in the role of Tom. After getting fame from these roles, Josh did various roles in several movies.
In 2000, he portrayed the role of Duster in the movie, Slow Burn. After two years, he worked in Coastlines, in which his character