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Bill Hader

An artist, movie maker and author of Hollywood. He was born on 7th June, 1978 in Oklahoma. He has two siblings. He completed his graduation from Scottsdale College. In 2006, he settled down with Maggie and has a child with her.
He began his career in 2004 with Sounds Good to Me: Remastering the Sting, in which he played the role of Barnaby. After a year, he appeared in small screen film, Uncommon Sense, and portrayed the role of Valet. In 2006, he lent his voice to character of Sam in the movie, Doogal. In the same year, he appeared in the movie, You, Me and Dupree and played the role of Mark.
After this movie, he played various roles in several movies and Hot Rod, Superbad and Purple Violets, are some of them. In 2008, he portrayed the role of Kevin in small screen project, Human Giant. In the same year, he gave his voice a video game, Grand Theft Auto IV.
In 2009, he worked in the movie, Adventureland and appeared in the role of Bobby. In the same year, he did another movie, Year One, in which he played the character of Shaman. Next year, he portrayed the character of Kevin in a TV series, 30 Rock.
In 2011, he appeared in the movie, Paul, in which he did the role of Haggard. He appeared in Men in Black III, which was released in 2012, as Andy.