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Anna Faris

Anna was born on 29th November, 1976, in the city of Baltimore, which is located in Maryland. Her father is employed in the Washington University, whereas her mother is a teacher. She has one sibling, who is also a teacher in California University. In the year 1985, she performed her first drama in Seattle Repertory.
In the year 1996, Anna Faris played the character of Dithy in the silver screen project, Eden, following to her TV box project, Deception: A Mother’s Secret, which is shown on TV in the year 1991. She also played the role of Cindy in the movie, Scary Movie, in the year 2000 and same character in its sequel, Scary Movie 2, in 2001.
Besides these movies projects she also take part in small screen series, King of the hill in which she played the role of Lisa, from the year 2002-2004.
Scary Movie 2 is out in the year 2003, in which she again portrayed the role of Cindy, along with two other projects, Winter Break and Lost in Translation by playing the characters of Justine and Kelly. In 2005, she did two major projects Brokeback Mountain and Just Friends, together with a television drama, Blue Skies, by playing the character of Sarah.
In the year 2006, she executed her acting skills in Scary Movie 4 and Guilty Hearts. She played the sound of Sam in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, in the year 2009. In 2012, she accomplished the projects such as, The Dictator, Scary Movie 5 and Movie 43.